Family Life

In 1970 James and Maria were married in the Philippines. At the time they were both adjunct instructors while Maria was working on a Masters degree in English at a University in Manila and James was a Peace Corps Volunteer involved with elementary science education and agriculture. During a six weeks visit to the States at the end of James’s first two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Maria became a U.S. citizen and a Peace Corps Volunteer. They returned to the Philippines for another two and a half years as Peace Corps Volunteers. From 1973 through the end of 1975 they were graduate students at Stanford. David was born in 1975. The family spent 1976 in a village in the Philippines doing field work (link to Gugo) followed by completion of James dissertation and a one year faculty appointment. James finished his Ph.D. in 1978 and Maria finished her Ph.D. in 1992. In 1979 James joined the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). During their first long-term assignment in the Sudan their second child Ligaya was born in 1982. As of 2010 David was working in Boston on web sites for video game companies and Ligaya was teaching in China.

Maria Beebe, webpage, facebook

David Beebe, linkedin, facebook, link to game Dungons and Dragons Online 

Ligaya Beebe, facebook, "To Hell with Good Intentions" Revisited, Response to Ivan Illich's 1968 article, email from hospital

Family letters

2001 End of the year letter
2002/03 Middle of the year letter

2004 Middle of the year letter
2006 Middle of the year letter
2007 End of year letter
2009 End of year letter
2010 End of the year letter (under construction)

Professional Life 

James Beebe is a social scientist, practitioner-scholar, and social activist. He has twenty years experience living and working in developing countries as a Peace Corps Volunteer, graduate student, researcher, U.S. Foreign Service Officer (United States Agency for International Development), Global Technology Corps Volunteer, Senior Fulbright Specialist, and consultant. His graduate education includes a MA in Food Research (International Agricultural Development), a MA in Anthropology, and Ph.D. in International Development Education from Stanford and a M.Div. from Meadville Lombard. He is always looking for new opportunities where he can use his expertise to be of service to others.

Between 1968 and 1973 he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines and between 1979 and 1996, he was a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) with long-term assignments in Sudan, Philippines, Liberia, and South Africa and short term assignments in nine other countries. Since 1996 James has been a full Professor in the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. For four years he was the program director/department chair. He was the U.S. Director for the U.S. State Department funded Partnership Exchange Project designed to strengthen the international focus of the Ph.D. program in Public Affairs at the University of Pretoria and the Ph.D. program at Gonzaga University (note links are not being maintained). In 2001-02 James was the director of the Gonzaga Institute for Action Against Hate now renamed the Institute for Hate Studies. In 2003 he was a Senior Fulbright Specialist at Ateneo University in Manila. In 2010 James returned to the eligible roster of the Senior Fulbright Specialists and is looking for a six week assignment where he can make a meaningful contribution to an overseas educational institution based on his experience and expertise and mutual self interest.

Links to some recent course syllabi:

Qualitative Research

Global Systems

Dissertation Scholarship and Conceptual Framework

Leadership and Technology (based on a wiki instead of a regular syllabus

Other Gonzaga activities have included hosting potlucks at home for the Doctoral Community on July 4 and for some classes at the end of the term. (pictures July 4 and class)

Research Interests:

Rapid Assessment, Website, Google Scholar provides 99 links to articles and books that reference my book Rapid Assessment Process: An Introduction and 114 links  to my article Basic Concepts and Techniques of Rapid Appraisal. Other related publications include articles in the Encyclopedia of Social Measurement, the Applied Anthropology Reader, the International Journal of Drug Policy, the Journal of Farming Systems Research-Extension, and the Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods. A comprehensive chapter on Rapid Assessment Procedures  in Applied Anthropology: Tools and Perspectives for Contemporary Practice reviews my contribution to the concept.

Ethics and Leadership. See draft article Ethical Leadership and Less than the Whole Truth: When Leaders in Higher Education Choose to Manage Information. 

Leadership and Policy in Other Cultures. Kabl Afghanistan. See syllabus  for intensive course on Public Policy taught as part of the Executive Masters in Public Administration at the University of Kabul supported by the USAID-funded Afghan eQuality Alliances . Pictures of the class .

Anthropology of Policy. See South Africa policy study proposal.

Language Use. See book chapter The Filipinos: A Special Case by James Beebe and Maria Beebe in Language in the USA (1981). 

Other international work.  During six trips to Afghanistan in addition to teaching policy course, designed and implementated an orientation program for Afghan scholars selected for Fulbright study in the United States and a UNDP consutancy assisting the Afghanistan Civil Service Training Institute plan for the future.

Training for African agricultural researchers at Bellagio.  The use of technology and on qualitative research at the Bellagio Biotechnology, Breeding, and Seed Systems for African Crops Workshop sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. (note links are not being maintained).

Training on the use of rapid assessment . For the Tshwane (Pretoria, South Africa) Municipal Primary Health Care program (see poster presentation) and the Nursing program of the University of Botswana. Presentation on involvement with international health care issues. (LINK) 

Pro Bono work. With the Philippines Commission on Information and Technology and the State Universities and Colleges. See pictures of Dakak, the conference site.

Sabbatical. In August 2010 began a one year sabbatical with a three month internship with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem Oregon. This was followed by revision of the paper on Leadership and Ethics and work on the application of anthropology to the study of policy concerning foreign assistance in South Africa.

Details on experience can be found on my Faculty Resume  and my academic Curriculum Vita.

Religious Life

My approach to religion is close to that of the Unitarian Universalists. In 1991 joined the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis, Oregon and while assigned to Washington DC, were members of the River Road Unitarian Universalist Church. In 1996 joined Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane (link), served on the long-range planning and Religious Education committees, taught RE classes at the K-2 level and became certified to teach Our Whole Life program at the K-1 level and taught the program four times. In 2000 began exploring ministry, took courses at Gonzaga. In 2001 enrolled in the Modified Residency Masters of Divinity program at Meadville Lombard, attend classes in Chicago during five winters, and graduated in May 2010. During the summer of 2007 I completed a three month Chaplain Internship (one credit of CPE) at the Providence Portland Medical Center. In 2010, I completed a six month community ministry internship in higher education and a three month parish ministry internship in the UU Congregation of Salem Oregon. In December 2010 interviewed with the Ministerial Fellowshipping Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and was asked to re-interview in the future. I am waitlisted for a December 2011 appointment. I remain committed to service but will continue my discernment on the value of fellowshipping with the UUA.

Graduation May Masters of Divinity Meadville Lombard (picture and link)

Parish Internship (link UUCS)

UU Heritage. Web-based, adult religious education class. (link)


A Belief in Original Goodness Spokane UU 6/27/2004
Spirituality without Supernatural Spirits Spokane UU 7/172004
Community Ministry and the Congregation 7/25/2005
The Three Things I Have Learned Working on a Masters of Divinity 8/29/2006
Journey from Being a Hospital Chaplin Intern to Kabul Afghanistan and Back to Spokane 10/26/2008
Being Hard Wired for Empathy 7/12/2009
No Call, Not Even a Whisper 10/10/2010 Audio
Close Encounters of a Religious Kind 10/24/2010 Audio
Staying Engaged

Other Interests and Links

Self care. Daily back exercise, regular work-outs and core strengthening, pool walking (fitness center link), yoga (sunflower link), monthly session with Spiritual Advisor, almost daily early morning soaks in our hot tub, continued work on appropriate professional boundaries with students, especially accessibility outside of class and during sabbitical.

Just for the fun of it.

  • Eating out and exploring new food and drink with Maria. Some favorite restaurants in Portland V Q, Pastini, elGaucho, Papa Hayden and in Spokane Laguna Café, Picabu Bistro, Herbal Essence, The West Wing, Latah Creek, Wild Sage.
  • Photography and use of Photo Shop.
  • Owning and maintaining a series of beautiful old houses. (Ordway St NW Washington DC, Sold Nov 2010 picture, Wall St., Spokane WA pictures and S. Wall link, Portland house link)
  • Creating and helping others create and maintain web sites, including the original website for the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University.

Inland Northwest Association of Returned Peace Corps, Instrumental in establishing Spokane chapter, established original web site (link), traditional host for Winter pot-luck celebration; participation in activities including regular staffing Public Broadcasting fund raising. (pictures Christmas party, get together with new volunteers, public TV)
Support for the work in South Africa of AME minister, the Rev. Dr. Fred Harrison including support for web site. (
Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies, Participant in founding, member of the board, one year as director, and established web site. (

Progressive Politics. Support for candidates including staffing phone bank for Obama in 2008, support for numerous candidates for local offices including establishing web sites.

Contact Information
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